Civil Unrest


Variable distribution variable rate random noise.
A Source of Uncertainty.

Rate of production
Waiting time between new values. From audio-rate noise up to 1 sec until next value.
Variation makes generation more and more randomly jerky.
Trig Input: Overrides rate+vari knobs; generate a new value on high input.

Variable likelihood of random values.

  • Left: prefer smaller values (normal, or "gaussian" distribution)
  • Up: uniform white noise (every value equally likely)
  • Right: prefer extreme values (inverse gaussian)

CV input overrides the knob. Same function from low to high values.

Generate brownian noise or "drunkard's walk."
The next value will be a random offset from current value. Interacts with Level knob to control output range.
CV input overrides the knob. Same function from low to high values.

(TIP: With high stickiness, you may want to increase rate of production)

Hold knob
From smooth change to staircase output.
Controls how fast output glides towards new value and holds until next value is generated.
More effective at lower rate of production.

Trig out: Sends a trigger each time a new value is generated, else 0.

Level knob, Output jack
Level knob dampens range of output 0 to +/-5.
When stickiness is raised, level knob scales amount of change between new values. Sticky output may wander over a larger range than raw level.

Unrest assured!