CLIPDRIVER is our take on the plethora of diode-based guitar overdrive effects pedals, including the famous screamy green one! While not intended as an emulation of any specific pedal, we’ve tried to cover similar territory in terms of the range of gain and tones.

CLIPDRIVER leans more towards an overdrive, rather than a distortion effect and performs best as a low to medium gain crunch machine and perhaps unsurprisingly, works especially well with electric guitar. And with the CAB SIM engaged, you can even use CLIPDRIVER as a one-stop CPU-friendly solution for classic rock guitar tones on recordings or even for live performance!

CLIPDRIVER has two totally independent channels for processing stereo or dual mono inputs. When either input is used on its own, it will be routed to both outputs.

ON button toggles CLIPDRIVER between active and bypass mode.

DRIVE increases the gain of the signal going into the clipping section which gives you something between light crunch and medium overdrive type tones depending on the strength of the incoming signal. Due to the variable soft clipping applied, CLIPDRIVER can respond well to dynamics and playing style when used with electric guitar.

TIGHT mode when lit, increases the overall compression for a “tighter” feel, useful for lead playing. When off, the response is a bit more dynamic and “open”.

ADT mode when lit adds a subtle amount of automatic double tracking effect, giving a fuller sound and a little stereo enhancement.

CAB SIM mode when lit, engages our guitar amp cabinet simulator based on the 12” speaker emulation in the JUNIORVERB DELUXE+. For extra realism we’ve added a touch of room ambience to give your guitar a sense of space.

LEVEL is an attenuation control allowing you to reduce the final output level if needed. This control does not change the drive effect, and at maximum setting, there is no attenuation.

BASS, MIDDLE and TREBLE are active cut and boost controls for low, mid and high frequencies. At their centre position, no cut or boost is applied. These controls can have quite a dramatic effect on the type of tones CLIPDRIVER produces, so we urge you to experiment!

The MIDDLE control has an extended boost range so you can get similar tones to a legendary green overdrive pedal by boosting the MIDDLE control and cutting the BASS and TREBLE controls to taste.

The left / right arrows control adjusts the bandwidth of the middle frequency between 0.5 and 5 octaves. Around 2.5 octaves gives a classic “midrange hump”. At maximum, when boosting, the MIDDLE control is effectively operating as a full range boost.

To the right of the MIDDLE control is a L/M/H frequency shift switch that changes the centre frequency of the MIDDLE control to 500 (L), 625 (M) or 750 (H) Hz.

You can also toggle MIDDLE boost or cut with the ON switch or via CV trigger (+1V pulse minimum).

Please note that CLIPDRIVER has been designed so its output should not exceed +/-5.0V so you can push it as hard as you like! If you’re using instruments such as guitar, keep in mind CLIPDRIVER increases the gain of incoming signals so will also amplify any background noise. You may find that simply reducing the TREBLE control will help reduce hiss or similar noise.

We hope you enjoy CLIPDRIVER!