Clocked Noise


This is a noise generator with a lot of flexibility. It has six different colors of noise:

  • White
  • LFSR (Low Frequency Shift Register; Essentially 8-bit noise)
  • Gray (SuperCollider version)
  • Pink
  • Brown (Excellent for random CV)
  • Gaussian

The Flux control randomly modulates the sample rate whenever a new sample is generated. At high values this can cause a sputtering effect.

  • Sample Rate: Since noise is non-periodic, there isn't a Frequency control. Instead, the rate of sample generation is governed by this control.
  • Fast/Slow: This switch determines the range of the Sample Rate control. Slow mode is 100x slower than Fast mode. In Fast mode, 100% Sample Rate matches Voltage Modular's 48 kHz sampling rate.
  • Slewed/Stepped: In stepped mode, the samples are generated normally. In slewed mode, each sample is smoothly, linearly slewed. For CV, this creates smooth modulation signals, while for audio, this applies a nice low-pass filtering effect.
  • AC/DC: In DC mode, the outputs are not filtered. In AC mode, a high-pass filter is applied to the outputs to remove DC offset. If you are using this module to generate audio signals, you should use AC mode. If you are generating modulation, you should use DC mode.
  • Clock: If a gate signal is present here, new samples will only be generated on the reception of a new gate (or whenever a signal crosses the 1V threshold).