CM22x Distortion


What is it?

Grit, texture, and color: from soft saturation to absolute fuzz, CM22x Distortion is a morphable stereo distortion with CV control. It's special sauce is a "fuzz" emphasis circuit which accentuates the distortion in the chosen frequency range.

What is it good for?

Fundamentally, CM22x Distortion boosts harmonics in a variety of ways. This boost in harmonics gives the sound presence, reduces dullness, and makes it stand out. When the harmonic content is varied with modulation, it creates interesting movement and texture that is pleasing to the listener.

Video Manual & Demo


  • 8 continuously morphable distortion shapes
  • 3-band fuzz emphasis circuit
  • 4X oversampling (reduces aliasing)
  • stereo
  • adjustable distortion amount and overall mix


  • shape - Morphs the distortion transfer function
  • distortion - Adjusts the amount of distortion applied to the signal
  • fuzz low/mid/high - Increases the amount of "fuzz" EQ applied to the circuit. Note that fuzz is affected by distortion amount. Low distortion = low fuzz.
  • gain - Increase or decrease the overall output level
  • mix - Blend between input and output. Mix affects distortion + fuzz, whereas "distortion" only affects distortion amount.



  • CM22x Distortion works best on mid-range and bass sounds.
  • If applying to leads or melodies, keep the shape knob in the first half of it's range
  • if applying to bass lines, start with the shape knob at noon then sweep right to find a sweet spot


  • The fuzz circuit works best by increasing the knob for the band the source audio is strongest in. e.g. increase "mid" for bass lines and "low" for sub-bass lines.


  • Start with the default module settings
  • Increase or decrease the shape knob and distortion based on the desired amount of distortion
  • Listen to the sound and determine where most of the sonic content lies (high, mid, or low)
  • Adjust the fuzz knob to taste where the strongest part of the sound is.

Title of Song

  • turning knobs for 3 mins.mp3