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  1. Comparator-L allows you to see what's going on with your CV/AUDIO signals. You can view the signals side by side (LANES) or on top of each other (OVERLAY) and CUSTOMIZE signals and background scope COLORS : at the top left and right side you have controls for channel 1 and 2, while in the middle for the background.
  2. Possibility to choose from Free, Positive or Negative synchronization.
  3. The button below the scope allows you to DISABLE/ENABLE it.
  4. A FREEZE button to freeze the visual.
  5. You can ZOOM the scope at all times with relative control knob at the bottom of the module and below it there's an EDITABLE LABEL.
  6. Possibility to have on full scope three kind of voltages (-1/1, -5/5 ,-10/10) enabling the appropriate toggle button.
  7. Under each INPUT jack a MUTE button plus a THRU OUTPUT to send your signals elsewhere.

Hope you enjoy it!!! ;-)