Countdown Loop Diffuser Remote

FREE $2.00

A breakout for the Countdown Loop Diffuser (a flexible, layered looping unit), this device gives you access to each bank’s countdown controls to enable/disable it, reset the volume, set the volume decay rate, set the count with a trigger (at 4 bars per volt, so you can send a 10V pulse to set the count at 40, for instance), or to increment & decrement the count one by one. It’s perfect for generative work, but also for complex looping scenarios and automation. Use one per countdown for complete independence, use one on several countdowns for coordination, or go ahead and get experimental. An onboard test voltage with an on/off button and a setting knob can be wired to the input jacks to conveniently prototype ideas before getting into a whole thing…

(this device is free with the Countdown Loop Diffuser - after purchasing the looper, you'll see this remote available for free)