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Signal Crunching LoFi processor!

Unleash your inner noise ninja with the nastiest signal-mangler module in VM: R_Ware CrunchLab. This powerhouse module is designed to deliver crushing bit-reduction and lo-fi distortion to your audio signals, perfect for crafting gritty, industrial sounds that push the boundaries of your creativity. With flexible signal shaping controls, special bitcrushing algorithms, and samplerate reduction capabilities, the CrunchLab gives you the power to create unique and gritty, textured sounds or simply rip your signals into bits and pieces. With dedicated CV inputs and attenuverters for each control, the possibilities for modulation and experimentation are endless.


  • Curve: The Curve control shapes the input signal logarithmically or exponentially.
  • Flex: The Flex control sets the strength of the shaping.
  • S and K: The S and K parameters affect the special bit crunching algorithm.
  • SampleRate: The SampleRate control reduces the samplerate.
  • Wet: The Dry/Wet control mixes the processed signal with the dry input signal.
  • Gain Input: Controls the level of the signal going into the module.
  • Gain Output: Controls the level of the signal going into the soft clipper at the output.