CV Cntrl

Type: Module

Category: CV processors

Updated: Sep 14, 2021

Manufacturer: Nrgzr78

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  • CV Cntrl is a free CV processor module with modulation capabilities, also useful for certain modules that not have any control for their CV inputs.
  • CV Cntrl is also included in Nrgzr78's Utility Bundle and ALL-4-ONE BUNDLE.
  1. It allows manipulation with input signal, red knob sets signal attenuation and/or inversion, black knob sets DC offset (transposition).
  2. Red knob “under” 12 o´clock (ccw) inverts signal, over 12 o´clock (cw) lefts signal in same polarity, max. attenuation is in the mid (12 o´clock = “0”).
  3. CV inputs to control the controller... ;)


Jul 27, 21

cv cntrl

intresting item to work with

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