CV FLIPPER is a utility that allows you to flip between two preset CV out voltages with optional glide time and in / out triggers.

CV FLIPPER is also part of a growing collection of “hands-free” utilities that allow control transitions to be semi-automated.

Setup is very straightforward:

Connect the CV OUT jack to the target(s) you want to send CV to.

CV FLIPPER has two values, A and B. Set the values using the A and B knobs from -5V to +5V.

If the GLIDE switch is OFF, flipping will be almost instant (10ms). With the GLIDE switch on, the CV OUT voltage will transition gradually between A and B according to the GLIDE time - 0.1 to 60 seconds.

Flip between the A and B values using the FLIP button. If a transition is already in progress when GLIDE is on, the FLIP button will reverse the direction. The LEDs at the top of the A/B section will show the A or B transition / destination, and a progress bar will indicate where the current CV OUT value is in relation to the A and B values.

You can also trigger a “flip” using the IN TRIG jack which expects at least one pulse >= +1V.

Please note, when initialised, CV FLIPPER will always flip to the A value initially.

There are three sets of displays for A, B and CV OUT. The digital display shows the value as a percentage of 5.0V with positive values in green and negative values in red. The smaller panel below shows the values in V.

You can also assign trigger outputs (single +5V pulse) when the CV OUT value reaches its A or B value. These can be put to interesting use, especially when using longer glide times - for example triggering other CV FLIPPERs or even itself! The outputs are either side of the GLIDE control.

LEDs next to all CV inputs and outputs will light briefly when sending or receiving changed values. Note that the CV OUT will always send the current value - the LED only indicates that the current value is changing. Similarly, with trigger outputs, the LEDs flash to show a trigger (+5V pulse) has occurred, otherwise 0V is sent continuously.

We hope you have fun flipping with CV FLIPPER!