CV Midi

Type: Module

Category: Utility

Updated: Jan 21, 2021

Manufacturer: Weevil

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Converts MIDI to CV for up to 32 CV sources. This is a sibling to the Mono and Poly MIDI modules, while they focus primarily on mapping keyboard inputs the CV MIDI module can act as a hub for your knobs, faders and pads.

This is created primaily as a convenience for myself. Want to be able to map all controls on my midi controller and save as a preset.

Output Groups

The module has 32 output groups numbered 1 to 32. The labels for each output can be changed in the "MOD" section to make your presets easier to remember.

To edit an output group you click on the numbered button (see details below).

The buttons are color coded to help you navigate the module:

  • Green - The currently selected group
  • Red - Indicates the output group is muted
  • Grey - Default color (unmuted, unselected)

When an unmuted group receives a MIDI signal it will blink for 100 ms.

Next to the button you can see the current midi input for this output group, how this is converted to CV is defined in the "MOD" section.


This section is a simplified version of Andrew Macaulays excellent MIDI DISPLAY module, it displays CHANNEL, COMMAND, DATA1 and DATA2 of the latest received MIDI input. This can be used to simplify midi mapping.


The mapping section lets you map an output group to a specific MIDI message.

The MAP button sets the mapping type for the output group:

  • CONTROL - Listen for control signals (command 176). Further specify channel (CH) and control number (DATA 1).
  • KEY - Listens for key presses. Further specify channel (CH), output type (TYPE) and key number (DATA 1)
  • BEND - Pitch bend, further specify channel (CH).
  • MOD - Mod wheel, further specify channel (CH).
  • SUSTAIN - Sustain pedal, further specify channel (CH).
  • AFTERTOUCH - Aftertouch, further specify channel (CH).
  • CUSTOM - Custom mapping, further specify channel (CH), command (CMD) and DATA 1.
  • NONE - No mapping (and no output)
  • MAP CONTROL - Automatically map a control, after you select this option the module will map to the knob you tweak on your controller.
  • MAP KEY - Automatically map a key, after you select this option the module will map to the next key you press on your controller.

CH - set the channel you want to map to (1 - 16). The DEF option will use the default channel (DEF CHANNEL), the default channel is set at module level, not output group level. This simplifies changing channel for all 32 output groups at the same time.

CMD - set the command you map to.

DATA 1 - set the DATA 1 number you are mapped to. For KEY mappings this is the MIDI note.

The TYPE button lets you specify what CV outout you want for KEY mapping:

  • GATE


LABEL - name your ourput group (this will be displayed in the output group button).

POLARITY - set polarity for velocity out (UNI will give 0 to 5V, BI will give -5V to 5V)

CURVE - will change the output curve from exponential (0) to linear (0.5) to logarithmic (1).