CV PINGER is a controller utility for sending out one or more “ping” triggers to up to 8 destination outputs.

Why would we make such a pingy thingy?

CV PINGER is part of a growing collection of “hands-free” utilities for CV control. The specific scenario we had in mind was to generate multiple triggers from a MIDI hardware controller with limited switches. For example, with only two MIDI-assigned switches, you could cycle through each destination output with one switch, and “ping” the currently active one with the other switch. So with only two hardware switches, you can target 8 destinations!

To enable an output, toggle the large numbered buttons. Alternatively, you can cycle through each output, enabling one at a time, with the NEXT and PREV buttons.

The labels between the selector buttons and output jacks are editable and will be saved with your session.

The PING button sends a trigger (+5V) to the active output(s). Adjacent LEDs will light when a trigger is sent.

PREV, NEXT and PING can also accept trigger CV inputs (+1V or more). The adjacent LEDs will flash when a trigger is received.

We hope you enjoy pinging your things with CV PINGER!