CV Pitch Scaler

This free simple module is designed to take a CV input that is to be used in oscillators and other modules expecting 1V/Octave and scale the value to be 5V = 2 Octaves, 5V = 1 Octave, 5V = 7 semitones, 1V = 1 semitone and 5V = 1 semitone.

Designed originally to make it easy to connect the Drift Generator to control micro-tuning of oscillators where the 5V = 1 semitone/100 cents option is ideal, this module can also be a useful helper when using LFOs, envelopes, etc. to control oscillator modulation without having to input e.g. 1/12ths in decimal.

The module provides three independent channels with both mono and poly signal paths available.

Also included in Andrew Macaulay's Envelope and LFO Collection, Andrew Macaulay's Performance and MIDI Collection, Andrew Macaulay's General Utilities Collection and Andrew Macaulay's Ultimate Bundle.