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R_Ware Dual ANomaly aggregating Konkrete Delay - DANK DELAY

Introducing DANK Delay - the ultimate creative delay effect module!

Are you tired of bland, uninspiring delay sounds? Look no further, because DANK Delay is here to revolutionize the way you use delay in your music.

With its advanced sound design capabilities, DANK Delay allows you to create truly otherworldly delay tones that will take your music to new heights. From subtle echoes to wild and experimental textures, DANK Delay has you covered.

But that's not all - DANK Delay also boasts a user-friendly interface and intuitive controls, making it easy for you to get creative and find the perfect delay sound for your music. Plus, with a wide range of modulation options, you can add movement and depth to your delays in ways you never thought possible.

So why wait? Start exploring the vast creative potential of DANK Delay today and take your music to the next level. You won't be disappointed!

Welcome to the world of DANK Delay! Here is a quick manual to get you started with all the amazing features this delay effect has to offer:

Feeding back and forth and across

  • Feedforward: This controls the amount of dry and unaffected input signal that is mixed with the processed signal before feeding into the delay line. The Feedforward signal is not part of the feedback path. Mix clean and heavily processed sounds into the delay.
  • Feedback: This controls the amount of delay signal that is fed back into the delay chain. Increasing the feedback will result in a longer, more sustained delay sound with increasing repetitions.
  • Crossfeed: This controls the amount of delay signal that is fed from one channel into the other and vice versa. This can be used to create a wider stereo image on stereo sound or more experimental delay sounds.

NOTE: when experimenting with wild crossfeed/feedback/feedforward combinations it is advised to keep the output clipper engaged!

Creative Feedback Effects

  • Dampening: This controls the amount of high frequency dampening applied to the delay signal. This can be used to create a darker, warmer delay sound.
  • Frequency Shifter: This shifts the frequency of the delay signal up or down. This can be used to create harmonized delay sounds or more experimental effects. For your convenience the frequency shifter has a range selection switch that lets you chose from subtle to drastic shifts. The same switch in the leftmost position is used to turn the frequency shifter off to save resources and preserve the phase of the input signal.

Delay and Time

  • Time Factor: This controls the time factor by which the Delay Time Control is scaled. Use lower values for more fine-grained control over short delay times.
  • Delay Time: This controls the time between the dry and delayed signal. This can be used to create everything from free-running to tempo-synced echoes, comb filtering, physical modeling and with the help of audio-rate modulation even phase modulation/distortion!


  • Dry/Wet: This controls the balance between the dry and delayed signal. Increasing the wetness will result in a more prominent delay sound. You can switch between BLEND and MIX mode. The former blends both DRY and WET signals keeping the DRY signal all the way, while the latter mixes both signals replacing DRY with WET completely at 100%.
  • Output Clipper: This controls the amount of output clipping applied to the final delay signal. This can be used to add some extra grit and saturation to the delay sound. You can choose between no clipping, soft-clipping and hard-clipping with the switch below the ceiling control.

Quality of Life Features

  • LINK switches on all controls that link the control on the one side to the control on the other side replicating all changes.
  • Linear/Exponential CV: the frequency shifter and the delay time CV inputs can be switched between linear and exponential response. The latter enables you to track pitch with a 1v/oct signal on those cv inputs.
  • CONFIG MENU: some advanced features are kept in the config menu that can be accessed by clicking on the module name.
    • HQ Mode: enable/disable the HQ interpolation of the delay line. When the delay time is modulated the HQ mode prevents discontinuities in the resulting waveform and therefor prevents aliasing. If HQ mode is enabled the minimum delay time is 2 samples instead of 1 sample.
    • Frequency Shifter Anti-Aliasing: enable/disable additional aliasing filters for the frequency shifter that prevent the shifted range from being reflected back at 0hz/Nyquist freq. Disable for creative effect.
    • CV Compensation: Time Factor and Delay Time CV inputs feature automatic compensation that keeps the resulting delay time in the positive range. When enabled a bias based on the attenuverter strength is added to the CV signal to keep the delay time positive. This is helpful when using DANK Delay for phase modulation/phase distortion. The compensation is shown by the small LEDs next to the respective CV jacks and can also be enabled/disabled by clicking on the LEDs. Compensation is automatically disabled for exponential CV mode on Delay Time CV.

We hope this manual helps you get started with creating some amazing delay sounds using DANK Delay!



  • added more tooltips
  • compensation/frequency shifter anti-aliasing/hq mode are now saved for variations/presets
  • frequency shifter values are disabled when turned off via its range switch

Title of Song

  • DANK_Delay_Example_1_FrequShifter
  • DANK_Delay_Example_2_DelayTimeModulation
  • DANK_Delay_Example_3_PhysicalModelling
  • DANK_Delay_Example_4_PhaseDistortion