Type: Module

Category: Processor

Updated: Sep 24, 2021

Manufacturer: Unfiltered Audio

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Dent Crusher is a stereo bitcrusher with ports of all six modes from Unfiltered Audio's instant-classic plugin, Dent. These modes include the traditional BITCRUSH algorithm, the over-the-top AND and XOR modes, and the more exotic BENT, CRISPR, and DUST modes. These range from lo-fi crispiness to full-on digital decimation.

Dent is true stereo and contains audio-rate voltage control of all crushing functionality (including mode selection)! Beyond static bitcrushing, a lot of stunning sounds can be found by running one oscillator into the input and a slightly detuned oscillator into any of the CV inputs.


Jan 19, 21

Dent inside of Voltage at last!

Having a ported Dent module is way cooler than I had originally realized; instant destruction (the best kind, of course) is pretty much at your fingertips with this. You really can't go wrong with some flawless circuit bent emulations or UA's killer bitcrusher!!