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A distortion module that works as a...

  • Waveshaper
  • Wavefolder
  • Hard Clipper (if required)

...with lots of possibilities for modulation. It allows for anything from subtle saturation to making white noise out of almost any input, but is more comfortable at the extremes of its sonic possibilities.

IN L/M as well as IN R are the stereo inputs. If just one is provided, it'll be used as the sole mono input. OUT L and OUT R are the stereo outputs.

The following knobs are provided on the left side - the signal passes through their corresponding stages in the order the knobs are displayed:

  • DRIVE: Applies a massive gain boost before the signal is further processed.
  • X-OVER: Crosses signal over from the left input to the right and vice versa. This also results in a slight gain boost, as no signal attenuation takes place. If a mono signal is provided, this only is a (small) gain boost.
  • XTREME: Previous bug turned feature. If switched on, crosses over additional signal between L and R channels for waveshaper calculations, resulting in twice the shaping. On by default.
  • SHAPER: Dry/wet control for the waveshaper - the waveshaper curve is selected to the right, with the small and buttons.
  • SYM: Symmetry control for the resulting waveform. It is perfectly possible to achieve silence by choosing extreme values here and low values for wavefolding. This moves the waveform as a whole up or down in an oscilloscope.
  • FOLD: The signal is reflected at +5V and -5V, folding multiple times if the gain of the signal is high enough at this point. This knob goes from 0 to 2:
    • At 0, the module acts as a hard clipper.
    • Values between 0 and 1 scale the reflections down.
    • Values above 1 scale the folds up and make the wavefolding even more extreme.
  • DeSTRuKT: A dry/wet control for the entire module as a whole.

Each knob gets corresponding CV controls on the right side: A CV input and an attenuation knob. The switch above the CV controls allows for the control ranges to be switched between expecting 5V or 10V for a full modulation. Use 5V for audio rate modulation.

Title of Song

  • Relatively simple arp, Destroyed
  • A ramping sine and a couple of LFOs modulating the Destruktor
  • Plain old drum loop, with Destruktor
  • Epiano with waveshaping and folding