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  • DEUCE is a stereo synth driven by the pulse of two internal LPGs, and an unpredictable signal path born through the mixture of shift registers and multi-feedback loops based on Duos' Hikari Instruments.
  • DEUCE is sold individually and as part of INSTRUMENTS BUNDLE.
  • DEUCE is capable of creating soundscapes that range from zero-visibility blizzards of sound to glitched-out pulse-clusters of yearning from the heart of your long-lost mother-computer.
    1. All of the module controls modify inner vcos, lfos, filters, chaos parameters which will affect LPGs behavior which in turn they will affect vcos, lfos and filters settings too creating unexpected outcome.
    2. Vol slider to control both the Out1 and Out2 output volume.
    3. Distortion slider to add distortion effect to both outputs.
    4. Res1, Res2, Slope and Decay to vary LPGs settings.
    5. Wave1 and Wave2 to change the type of waveform; RateA, RateB to set frequency; Switch (m, h, l) to change frequency range; FmA, FmB to add modulation to frequency; for A and B lfos.
    6. Freq to modify vcos frequency.
    7. Chaos slider to change the pattern of the Chaos Modulation. Chaos Modulation outputs a pseudo-random, stepped CV at the rate determined by LFO B. This CV is also available at “CV Out”.
    8. CLOCK OUT outputs a pulse wave whose frequency is determined by the rate of LFO B.

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