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CRANK the crinkles and TORTURE the tops! If it gets wild, CHOKE it until it is tame ..or not. This is not a solution, this is a PROBLEM>eRrRrr0or___

If you're in need for a nice sounding, subtle saturator this module is NOT it. It's neither subtle nor nice sounding. It's even debatable if this pile of rusty razors and used needles can even be associated with saturation.. or associated with anything at all. It's destruction, it's evil, it's alive, it's a mistake.

DisFigure is a miserable module that will inflict endless suffering onto any input signal and tear and shred and rip apart the fabric of timbre and sound. It all gets patched together and sewn shut at the end, but what will come out of this abomination of a processor will never be the same again as went in. From horrible noise to utmost junk anything is possible. Mutilate signals, annihilate harmonics, joy. Put something nice in and get garbled garbage with a garnish of fuzzy mold! knobs deceive you, inputs are a scam. proceed at your own riiiiiii-i-\endoftransmission\