DMT Atlas


Atlas- a quirky Cartesian sequencer from DMT Audio and sibling to the popular Compass module.

Whereas Compass is for CV and melodic purposes, Atlas sends out triggers from it's 16 outputs - perfect for creating chaotic but logical rhythmic sequences.

Control the step movement (Up, down, left, right, or random) of a 4x4 grid of control values via Trigger inputs for each direction to create interesting, self-similar rhythmic sequences!



ADD - Control the active step via a CV value - this maps -5v to 5v onto steps 1 - 16. For example, -5v will move the sequencer to Step 0, 0v will move to Step 8, etc. RESET - Trigger Input (Rising edge over 2.5v) will cause the sequencer to return to step 0 (Top-left most step).

RAND - Trigger Input will cause the sequencer to jump to a new step at random and send a Trigger Out.

DIRECTION TRIGGER IN (N,E,S,W) - Trigger Input will cause the sequencer to move in the given direction, and send a trigger out.


TRIGGER OUT (1-16) - Sends out a trigger whenever the active step changes.

Hints & Tips

The active step will wrap around to the other side (i.e. Triggering a 'RIGHT' when already on the right-most step, will cause the sequencer to wrap back to the left-most step on the same row.

Connect a LFO to different Clock Dividers and connect those to different directions to get some funky patterns!

Works great in conjunction with the DMT Quad Hold module!