DMT Mimic Delay


Add some warbling, lo-fi magic to your Voltage Modular Cabinet with the DMT Mimic Tape Delay. 10ms - 5 second delay time, means it can be used as a simple slap-back echo, or for creating lush looping ambiences. Keep it clean or dial in some wow, flutter, noise and saturation with the AGE knob.

Mimic can also be sync'd to the host tempo to keep everything in line, or modulate the time with CV signals to create some out-of-this-world sounds, and with 2 x Inputs and outputs, it can be used as a stereo pair or Dual Mono delays.



L IN & R IN - Audio Signal Inputs - Can we used as a stereo pair or two separate mono signals.

GAIN - Controls the input volume.

MUTE IN - Press the button or send a HIGH signal in to mute the input, great for live improvisation and looping.

TIME - Controls the length of the delay. If sync is disabled, you can control the time in milliseconds, from 10 to 5000. If sync is enabled, you can select the delay time via time divisions, from 1 bar down to 1/128 note. The time can also be controlled via a CV Input, which also has attenuator knobs to control depth.

LINK - Enable to link the Left and Right delays to the same delay time.

SYNC - If enabled, the delay time will be based off divisons of the host tempo.

FDBK - Controls the feedback of the delay. Over 100% will result in each echo being louder than the previous, so be careful!

AGE - Controls the wow, flutter, saturaton and filtering of the delay line, emulating the characteristics found on older worn out tape echo devices. At 0% we have a clean echo, at 100% is a very filtered, warbly, noisey delay.

MIX - Controls the Dry/Wet Mix of the output sound.


L Out & R Out - Output audio