DMT Quad Hold


A useful utility module containing 4 identical mini-modules which function as both Sample-and-hold / Track-and-hold circuits.

Sample and Hold waits for a HIGH Signal into the CLK input, and once received, captures the input voltage from the SMP jack at that exact moment, then holds it and sends this value out to the OUT jack, until a new HIGH signal is sent.

Track and Hold works slightly differently - if a HIGH Signal is sent to the CLK input, the output will Track the input voltage from the SMP input until the CLK signal goes LOW, at which point the circuit will hold the last SMP input and send to the output, until a new HIGH CLK signal is received.

The Mode can be selected per-mini-module via the mode switch or is CV-controllable via the CV Input jack beneath - a value <2.5v will put it in SAMPLE mode, a value above 2.5v will put it in TRACK mode so you can get really creative!

In addition, the CLK input jacks are cascaded, so if you want to control all 4 with a single clock, just connect a Jack to the top CLK input! Similarly, if you want to control 1 and 2 using 1 clock, and 3 and 4 with a second, just plug in Jacks to CLK inputs 1 and 3. Less cables - less mess!