DMT Quattro

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create beautiful harmonies from anything, or weird IDM zipper sounds! DMT Quattro is a quad Comb Filter with a stereo output, and each parameter is CV controllable.


Input - Input Audio Signal to be affected.

1v/ Oct - Control signal to control the pitch of the Comb Filters. Each Comb Filter can then have it's pitch offset using the FREQ controls.

Input Gain - Control the input level before entering the Comb Filter. Use the CV control to modulate the volume.

Freq. - Controls the Pitch of each Comb Filter. The knob sets the initial frequency (either in Hz or in Semitones if the QUANT function is active. The CV Input control then modulates the pitch. if the 1v/Oct control is being used, the the FREQ can be ised to offset/modulate the pitch.

Feedback - controls the feedback of the Comb Filters. Quattro can produce positive as well as negative feedback, where the output is inverted before feeding back into the filter, which gives the effect of dropping the potch by an octave.

Pan - controls the panning position of the Comb Filter before the Stereo Outputs.

Quant. - Quantises the 1v/oct input as well as the FREQ knob controls into a standard western 12-tone scale. Note that the FREQ cv input isn't quantised so feeding in a smooth Sine LFO, for example, will smoothly modulate the pitch.

Mix - controls the Dry/Wet Mix of the Output sound.


Output - Stereo Output from the effect

Tips & Tricks

Short, percussive sounds work best, especially if you sweep the pitch before sending it into Quattro, as this will pick out different resonances.

Setting each FREQ offset to a different pitch (i.e. 0, 4, 7, 11 semitones) to create beautiful harmonies out of simple input sounds.

Try sending a sequencer output into the 1v/Oct input for pretty melodies.

Pan each Filter to different places to get a nice Stereo-spread sound.