DMT Strict Machine


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Based on Music Thing's Turing Machine Eurorack module, the DMT Strict Machine is a random Binary Sequencer that you can't directly program, but you can use the controls to merely influence what comes out! Based on a 16-step Shift Register, with a CV Controllable LOCK function that determines the likelihood of the last step looping back to the beginning. From this, the modules generates a PULSE output, great for sending triggers, as well as a CV signal based on converting the first 8 values of the sequence from binary into an analog value.

LOCK - Controls the looping of the sequence. At 12 o' clock, the sequences are entirely random. Turning clockwise increases the likelihood of the final step of the shift register looping back to the start, and creating a repeating sequence. Fully clockwise, the sequence will repeat infintely. Turning counter-clockwise from 12 o'clock does the same thing, but inverts the final step before sending back to the start - in effect giving you a sequence twice as long, but with the second half a mirror of the first.

LENGTH - Changes the length of the sequence. If the LOCK function is less than 0, i.e. to the left of 12 o'clock, then the sequence will be double the value given.

WRITE - Allows you to manually overwrite the first bit. Holding down 1 when a Clock Signal comes in will set the first bit to ON. Holding down 0 will set the first bit to OFF.

SCALE - Changes the scale of the CV OUT signal.

CLK IN - An incoming HIGH value signal will shift the shift register along one value, creating a new CV, NOISE and PULSE output.

NOISE OUT - Outputs the random value used to determine the random sequence, normalised to -5v to 5v range.

PULSE OUT - If the first bit is HIGH, a HIGH Pulse output is generated. Great for sending triggers.

CV OUT - a CV signal based on converting the first 8 bits of the shift register into an analog signal.

EXPAND OUT - Used to connect to the Strict Machine Expanders. Really it's just a POLY ouput containing 8 channels with the current bit value (5v for high, 0v for low) in each, so can be used for other modules as well!