Dual Envelope Generating Amplifier

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Take the Dual Envelope Generator and outfit it with a 5-channel mixer and an integrated amp, while still offering dual relative envelope outputs, and you have the Dual Envelope Generating Amplifier.

Connect a bunch of oscillators and other sources at the left and balance them with individual attenuator and inversion controls. Then add a gate (bottom left) and set your ADHSR values. From output 1 comes envelope-articulated audio, ready to go. The outer ADHSR rings let you derive a second envelope in relation to the first, where each timing can be prolonged or shortened and the sustain reduced or increased, with that envelope acting on an amp to output 2. The two envelopes are also available (bottom right) for being sent to modulate elsewhere.

The Random Variance control creates ongoing random changes in ADHSR settings and between envelopes, providing subtle complexity and more dynamic behavior. Each envelope can be toggled for inversion and for a retrigger mode, where new gate signals reset the envelope back to the start of the attack.

While the gate connection is unplugged, the device simply acts as a mixer. This approach makes it quick to combine waveforms and oscillators to craft a tone, add a gate connection to carve the articulation (possibly in stereo), and derive secondary envelope signals that can be sent to filters and other devices for modulation.

Use the Dual Envelope Generating Amplifier like a catalyst for experimentation.