Type: Module

Category: Effect

Updated: Jan 18, 2021

Manufacturer: Nrgzr78

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$12.00 $14.00

  1. A four quadrant multiplier is similar to the classic ring modulator.
  2. Use it to create sideband rich spectral soundscapes, create pitched noise, use it with DC for tremolo effects...etc...
  3. This module rewards those who enjoy experimentation.
  4. The normalization of the top section straight into the bottom section, so even with just two signals plugged in, you already get a few different results.

Hope you have fun with it!!! ;)

Title of Song

  • Nrgzr78_Dual MULT_Demo_-1-_
  • Nrgzr78_Dual MULT_Demo_-2-_
  • Nrgzr78_Dual MULT_Demo_-3-_