Dual Noise Quantizer

Manufacturer: Weevil X R_Ware




Dual Noise Quantizer finds and extracts all the gorgeous melodies hiding in the CHAOS and NOISE! NOTED!

Dual Noise Quantizer analyzes the incoming signal and forces it onto quantized note values based on the selected notes. If no trigger input is connected the output carries a continuous stream of quantized notes. With a connected trigger the Dual Noise Quantizer adds a Sample&Hold stage into the input. Dual Noise Quantizer let's you set your own custom scales by enabling and disabling notes on the visualized keyboard. Furthermore, Chaos Quantizer can help jump-start your creativity by selecting random notes for you! You can restrict the range of output notes by setting a minimum and maximum note with the dedicated knobs. This will pre-condition the input signal with one of multiple modes: CLIP, FOLD, and WRAP. Keep in mind that the Dual Noise Quantizer output might still be above or below the set range when the closest matching note is outside of the possible range (no more than +/- 1 octave!).

Setting up the right scale for your melodies can be tedious and un-inspiring. To aid you in this Dual Noise Quantizer comes equipped with an abundance of preset scales for you to explore. From standard major, minor, and modes to more exotic and conceptional scales, you'll surely find the perfect match. What's even more, after selecting a preset as a starting point you can further refine the allowed notes and note selection!

Quiz-Time! What's better than one quanitzer?! That's right! TWO QUANTIZERS in one!! The Dual Engine allows you set the notes for a melody and its counter-melody or harmony all in one module!

As a special bonus, when the input is not connected a noise source is assigned to the input giving you the opportunity to S&H random values to quantize and output!

Use Chaos Shifter to quantize chaotic signals and noise into beautiful melodies and harmonies! Quantize your chaos!




The IN input is used to feed signals into the quantizer. Pro-Tip: when the IN input is not connected a NOISE source is automatically internally routed to the Quantizer to generate random melodies!


When the TRIG input is not connected the input is continuously quantized. However, if the TRIG input is connected the input stage of Dual Noise Quantizer turns into a Sample and Hold circuit. With every received trigger a sample is taken and held from the input to pass along to the quantizer.


The OUT outputs the quantized signal according to the set notes.



Condition the input signal to a minimum note value. Input voltages below this threshold are handled according the currently set MODE. Note: the input signal is conditioned, but the quantization might still result in an output signal that is up to one octave lower.


Condition the input signal to a maximum note value. Input voltages above this threshold are handled according the currently set MODE. Note: the input signal is conditioned, but the quantization might still result in an output signal that is up to one octave higher.


Set the MODE for conditioning input signals above and below the set MAX and MIN values.

  • CLIP - simply clip the value above and below the thresholds. Results in an aggregation of values around the thresholds.
  • FOLD - fold values above and below the thresholds back into the set range. Results in an a smoother and more complicated set of output notes.
  • WRAP - wrap values above the upper threshold to the lower threshold and vice versa. Results in an a less smooth and more jumpy set of output notes.


The split RND button randomizes the currently selected notes. If the upper half is triggered, the currently set number of notes is kept, but the note values are changed. If the lower half is triggered both the note values as well as the number of notes is randomized.


Use the keyboard to set your custom set of notes that the input signal is quantized to! Clicking on a note enables it which is indicated by the key lighting up. To de-select a note simply click on it again. De-selected notes are shown by a darker colored key. You can restrict the randomization engine by locking keys in their current configuration. To do so hold down the shift-key while clicking on a key. The current state of the key is now locked for the randomizer, which is indicated by an "X" on the key. The randomizer will keep the current state of the key -either on or off- from now on. Use this feature to create your own scales and then generate new and unique note selections from your custom scales!


When you click on the module name the CONFIG MENU is shown. In this menu you can select preset scales for each quantizer from a vast variety of common and exotic scales for each root note.