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  • DUBSTATION is based/inspired by the S-Cat Digital Delay unit used by Lee Scratch Perry.

  • This module is sold individually and as part of HI-VIBES BUNDLE.

  • The "DUBSTATION" try to produce a warm authentic dub echo sound, but has the stability of modern digital computing and a very clean audio output signal.

  • This versatile delay can bring a new sound to vocals, synthesizers, drum machines or guitar.

  • It also makes an excellent DJ tool that will add sparkle to any mix.

  • With great performance at both short and long delay times, plus our additional filters & controls, it is an extremely effective studio production & live performance tool.

  • Mixed signal or delay only signal which makes it perfect for aux send/return use in a studio situation.

  • Feedback to be used in conjunction with the Repeat dial for infinitive delayed repeats.

  • Smooth sweeping rate controls.

  • Dub Back will give you that authentic dub delay sound, used also in relation with filter's resonance and feedback controls.

  • Punch to boosts the delay and original signal.

  • Limiter embedded to not worry of any signal overshoot.

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