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  • DYSTOPHIA is a Full Voice Modular Synthesizer based on Dreadbox's Disphonia.
  • DYSTOPHIA is sold individually, as part of SYNTHS BUNDLE.
  1. Analog oscillator with multiple wave shapes : Square Wave, Sawtooth, Triangle and Noise.
    • Two CV inputs for pitch control at 1V/oct.
    • A PW CV input (+/-5V ) for the Square wave.
    • A Tune slider for Coarse tuning.
    • A Fine tune potentiometer for fine tuning. The output level of the waveforms is at +/-5V an the CV IN accepts +/-10V.
  2. The VCA section consists of:
    • One VCA with two inputs, a mixed output and a VCA CV. This is an exponential curved VCA and it is mostly suitable for audio signals. Works with +/-5V CV control and expects +/-5V IN signals.
    • Two VCAs with an input, an output, a potentiometer to control the initial VCA value and a VCA CV. These are linear VCAs, and even though they can handle any signal (CV or audio), they are more suitable for CV signals because of their linearity. They expect a CV signal of +/-5V. With the INIT potentiometer at max and no CV, unity gain is achieved.
  3. The Multiple section having one input and three outputs.
  4. The Mixer section consists of:
    • Three inputs with separate level control.
    • One output with positive and inverted level. The LVL knob closes the signal at about 50% of its value. When the LVL knob is at 0%, the signal is at full level but inverted. When is set at max, it is at its full level again, but not inverted.
  5. The Distortion section consists of:
    • Slider to set distortion amount.
    • Pre-gain control knob to apply gain before distortion.
    • Post-gain control knob to apply gain after distortion.
  6. Master section with Lowshelf and Highshelf filters control knobs to adjust your sound and slider to set the master level and hard limiter embedded.
  7. Rectifier section consists of Half and Full wave rectifier.
  8. Sample & Hold section : when no Input inserted, internal noise will be applied; when no Gate input, Rate slider to control internal oscillator frequency and Level control knob to amplify output value.
  9. Envelope section consists of:
    • Rise and Fall sliders (Attack, Decay/Release).
    • Lvl to set Sustain.
    • EOC outputs a trigger signal (10ms) at the end of the envelope cycle.
  10. LFO section consists of:
    • Square and Triangle simultaneous outputs.
    • Frequency handled by Rate slider.
    • Lvl to set the amplitude.
    • CV input for pitch control at 1V/oct., so you can use this oscillator also as an extra voice (sub).
  11. The LPF section is a 24dB Low Pass filter that consists of:
    • A CV for the Cutoff frequency. (expects +/-5v Cv inputs)
    • An audio Input that expects up to +/-5V levels
    • A potentiometer for the Resonance amount. At max amount self-oscillation occurs
    • A slider for the Cutoff frequency. The range is from 20Hz up to about 20.000Hz
  12. The Multimode Filter section is 12dB per mode and consists of:
    • A CV for the Cutoff frequency. (expects +/-5v Cv inputs)
    • Three Inputs that get mixed and then pass through the filter input. Expects up to +/-5V levels
    • One output for each mode (Low Pass, Band Pass, High Pass).
    • A potentiometer for the Resonance amount.
    • A slider for the Cutoff frequency. The range is from 20Hz up to 20.000Hz.
  13. The Echo section consists of:
    • A CV input for the Delay Time. (expects +/-5v Cv inputs)
    • An audio Input, which expects up to +/-5V levels
    • An audio output.
    • A potentiometer for the Delay Time.
    • A slider for the Feedback amount.
    • A slider for the Dry / Wet MIX.



Jan 28, 22


It's a Modular inSIDE a modular not to mention it sounds SUPERB!!! NICE WORK Nrg!!!! SporeGenisis

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