ECHOVERB, perhaps unsurprisingly, is an echo and reverb effects module and was designed with a specific need in mind, but we don’t mind if you don’t use it specifically in this way…

We wanted to make a small, relatively simple module, that could basically be used to make things more STEREO-TASTIC! So, we took an analog-voiced variable ratio ping-pong delay, and fed it into a long or short decay stereo reverb with a few twists.

We think ECHOVERB works really well on drones and ambient sounds, especially if the source material isn’t in stereo, although ECHOVERB also handles stereo in / out. Since it’s a stereo-centric processor though, we recommend using both outputs.

ON button toggles ECHOVERB between active and bypass mode.

ECHO adjusts the first of the two delay lines delay time up to 3000ms. Setting this knob to zero effectively bypasses the echo effect.

REGEN adjusts the number of echo repeats. As ECHOVERB uses a ping-pong delay, setting REGEN to minimum will give you two echoes - a ping to the left, and a pong to the right!

MIX increases the amount of echo and reverb (if on) mixed in with the original signal. Setting this knob to zero effectively bypasses all processing.

RATIO determines the length of the second delay line as a multiple of the first. The Golden ratio is especially useful for spacey type dispersion!

REVERB flips between two emulated room sizes, and OFF, which is no reverb whatsoever.

WET / ECHO / DRY can be used to allow echo repeats to bypass the reverb processing. In WET mode, everything goes through the reverb. In DRY mode, the original signal has reverb applied, but the echo repeats do not. If things are getting a bit “mushy” at high REGEN settings, try setting this switch to DRY - it might restore some clarity.

We hope you might be tempted to give ECHOVERB a go-go!