Eight DC Sources

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This module is part of a suite of eight-channel mono and poly modules designed for simple actions on signals or control voltages.

The "Eight DC Sources" module simply provides eight independent DC sources with two controls each, the main -10V to +10V course control knob and a -0.1V to +0.1V fine control knob. The module can be set into a quantize mode (for generating CV note information) or normal mode. In quantize mode, the knobs show the CV note (course) and cents (fine) as well as the voltages.

In addition to entering the values in volts, the knobs allow direct entry of notes (e.g. A#4, C-1, Gb+3) on the course knobs, cents (e.g. +100c) on the fine knob and semitone values (e.g. +10semi) on both. There is also a Master Offset/Transpose Knob for +/-1V (+/-1 Octave) shifts for all outputs.

The eight outputs are also made available as a Poly Out which can be switched to channels 1-8 or 9-16 (if the polyphony setting allows). There is also a mono CV input and learn button that can be applied to individual or all of the DC source channels, setting the course and fine knobs to the learned value.

Also sold as part of Andrew Macaulay's Eight Multi-Helpers Collection and Andrew Macaulay's Switches and Mixers Collection and included in Andrew Macaulay's Ultimate Bundle.