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  • ENERGIZER is a 20 oscillators module with either sawtooth, pulse or both mixed waveforms which can be stacked in unison or in octaves (UNI toggle button).

  • ENERGIZER is sold individually and as part of SYNTHS BUNDLE.

  • Big knob to select number of voices and top-left switch for single or to double selected voices.

  • Sync input synchronizes the whole stack of oscillators phases.

  • Coarse and Fine for tuning the oscillators and LED indicator (just above Coarse knob) when C note is found in every octave.

  • Spread control ranging from subtle to extreme supersaw qualities to give life to the oscillators.

  • Stability control which introduces VCO-like pitch drift and jitter.

  • Pulse Width modulation working only when Pulse or Mix is selected (LED indicator to see when enabled).

  • Linear and Exponential FM.

  • Three different effects Short Reverb, Flanger and Larger Reverb+Delay, must enable FX toggle button.

  • Two wave shapers to add some color to the sound, working dependently on output level amount.

  • Pitch works with -10/+10V, VCA with 0-5V and the rest of CV inputs with -5/+5V signal.

  • Embedded limiter to avoid clipping.

Title of Song

  • Nrgzr78_ENERGIZER_Demo_1_.wav