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ERODE, CORRODE, and GRITTIFY your audio!

ERODE is designed to create noisy, distorted audio effects by modulating a very short delay with either noise, an audio-rate sine-square oscillator or a blend between these two. The module also includes a chopper that switches between the processed and unprocessed signal at audio-rate.


  • Frequency: This control adjusts the frequency of the effect. It's both the frequency of a narrow bandpass filter applied to the noise and the frequency of the sine-square oscillator.

  • Bandwidth: This control adjusts the bandwidth of the of the noise bandpass filter. At very high values the filters starts to self-oscillate. The bandwidth also controls the blend of sine and square of the internal oscillator.

  • Blend: This control adjusts the balance between the noise and sine-square oscillator. At its minimum setting, only the noise signal is modulating the delay line, and at its maximum setting, only the sine-square oscillator signal is modulating the delay line. Everything in-between is a blend of the two.

  • Chop amount: This control adjusts the depth of the chopper effect. At its minimum setting, the chopper has no effect, while at its maximum setting, the chopper completely mutes the wet signal at the chop frequency.

  • Chop Frequency: This control adjusts the frequency of the chopper effect. When set to a low frequency, the chopper effect will be slow and rhythmic, while a high/audio-rate frequency will produce a faster, more frenetic effect and adds additional side-bands.

  • Amount: This control adjusts the amount of modulation applied to the delay time. At its minimum setting, there is no modulation, and the module has no effect. At its maximum setting, the modulation is very strong, producing a highly distorted sound.