Euclidean Duel


The Euclidean Duel is a dual trigger sequencer based on the Euclidean geometric principle, where a selectable number of triggers are evenly distributed around the arc of a circle. It's fantastic at creating unique rhythmic patterns, especially when both sequencers are used "against" each other to trigger percussive sounds. Euclidean Duel features extensive CV mod inputs for real-time pseudo-random music creation.


Mar 9, 19

This module is insane!

Love it! Really handy to program beats as well as to sequence synths. Highly recommended!


May 27, 19

A must have sequencer for modular fun.

This module takes you into the "weird and wild" world of modular sequencing very quickly, allowing you to break-out of 'traditional' sequencing methods in a very quick, fun and not-too-difficult-to-grasp manner. Use it on drums and synths both, offset to the sequencers for 'counterpoint' sequences...the rabbit hole emerges quickly! Essential stuff for modular inventiveness!


Sep 10, 19

Pure fun to use it

So easy with it to get melodic, groovy sequences. Really a joy this modul.