Euclidean Module

Type: Module

Category: Sequencers

Updated: Jan 18, 2021

Manufacturer: Nick Hladek

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Note: This module is part of the First Five bundle.

Sixteen step Euclidean sequencer with step-level pitch modulation capabilities.


Sequencer can be turned on or off via I/O button or CV signal. If using CV signal, the sequencer will turn on or off when a trigger is received.


Module features internal clock and can be synced externally via 96 PPQN sync signals. Clock speed can be further refined using multiplier functionality.


Length, number of triggers, and phase shift can be adjusted via control knobs. The Euclidean sequencer will distribute the selected number of triggers amongst the available steps as evenly as possible. Semi-lit green LEDs represent trigger locations and fully-lit green LEDs represent the current step.

Frequencies can be adjusted at the step-level via control knobs or CV signals. Control knobs take a range of 65.41 through 2093.00, which correspond to the notes c2 through c7 under a440 tuning. CV signal inputs are summed with control knob values at a conversion rate of one volt per octave.

Gate Length

Gate length can be adjusted via control knob or CV signal. Control knob allows for a gate length of 20 milliseconds to 400 milliseconds. CV signal input is summed with knob value at a conversion rate of 100 milliseconds per volt.


Module outputs gate and frequency signals via CV signals.

Title of Song

  • Euclidean-Module-Demo-01