A noise- module is also a very often used module in synthesizer, with outputs for WHITE- and PINK noise and SAMPLE & HOLD. White noise can be used to create gusts of wind snare drums. Pink noise has a slightly ‘warmer’ noise sound that you can use for other effects. Sample & hold (S&H) takes a sample of the noise and sends that through its output. The frequency for taking such a sample is set with the knob. However, when you for instance send a gate to the top input, you decide when to take a sample – that gate could also be sent from a sequencer, so that the random pitch would be in sync with a sequencers’ speed. S&H creates random voltages that can be used to create pitch patterns when connected to the EXT input of a VCO, or make a filters’ cutoff frequency change randomly based on the S&H output, when connected to either ENV or TM inputs of the VCF – the TM input has a knob to dial in the strength of that effect. Especially when used with higher Q (resonance) settings, this can sound quite effectively.

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