The PAUSE module is intended to pause any signal you send to the input, by the amount set by the black knob. The value can range from 0.001 to 10 seconds. That way you can delay a gate, or an envelope or even a pitch signal. The strength of the output signal can be set with the white knob in a range of -5 to +5. That way you amplify a signal like envelope or invert it. The same could be done with PITCH. The module holds three equal PAUSE sections. If you need longer PAUSEs than 10 seconds, you could 'daisy-chain' them... Take OUTput 1 into INput 2, set both delays to 10 seconds and send OUTput 2 to wherever you need the 20 seconds delayed signal. By including IN- and OUTput you could go up to 30 seconds, or even longer if you connect a second PAUSE module.