F_PERC is a simple synthesizer percussion module. You can set 3 'percussion' sounds, P1, P2 and P3. They have knobs for: PITCH, WAVE, DECAY, BEND, BEND TIME, NOISE and LEVEL. The PITCH range for the 3 is slightly different P1 - 20 to 500 Hz, meant for kickdrum or low tom P2 - 50 to 1500 Hz, meant for snare or mid tom P3 - 100 to 7000 Hz, meant for hihat, bell or cymbal

WAVE mixes between SINE and SAWTOOTH wave (0 - 100 %)

DECAY can be set from 1 ms to 10000 ms

BEND can be set from 0 to 100%, and in combination with BEND TIME can create synth-drum like sounds.

BEND TIME sets time from 0 to 2500 ms

NOISE adds noise from 0 to 100%, to add some grain to a kick or get more snare-like sounds