A reverb effect is the ‘bread and butter’ effect to be used in most music It can give the sense of depth of a small room up to the long reverb of a cave. The TIME sets the length/decay of the Reverb, so higher settings to get that cave settings. The DAMP knob defines how much the reverb ‘tail’ is getting softer. The higher the value, the faster the tail is dampened in volume. To get real large cavernous sound, the TIME setting could be quite high while the DAMP setting could be pretty low. DETUNE adds some modulation into the reverb giving it some more depth, while COLOR allows you to filter the signal. Further there are external modulation inputs for TIME and DAMP. The stereo output sends the signal depending of the WET and OUT knob settings. The PAN knob decides where to put the signal over the stereo image and can be externally modulated. Don’t forget to push the red button on top to switch the effect either On or Off.