If for any reason, you need a gate to happen at a specific time-interval, TIME is your module! Except for giving you feedback of the current time, it has three sections. Each of the sections has a MINUTES, SECONDS and MILLISEC knob. MINUTES and SECONDS can be set from 0 – 59 and MILLISEC can be set from 50 – 1000. To the right of that black knob you’ll find a white knob that sets the GATETIME from 0.05 – 0.95 x the set time. The output right to the knobs sends a GATE at the set time-interval. Per MINUTES, SECONDS and MILLISEC there is one output that sends the total of all these set time-intervals in one GATE – so i f you have set SECONDS to 2 and MILLISEC to 500, that output will send a GATE after 2 and a half seconds.