The TOOLS Modules has three sections, each delivering three equal settings for that option.

Top is the VOLTS option, where you can set from -5V to +5V that is thent to the ouput, if you need that.

Middle section is used for QUANTIZEing. Connect any signal to the left input and use the kob to quantize that signal, so the stepped signal is sent to the output. To be used for instance on LFO signals to create a stepped instead of fluent modulation signal. The inputs that are slightly right above the main inputs can be used to externally 'trigger' the quantizing from for instance a sequencer.

The bottom section is the P.ENV. This is a simple Envelope with just a decay that you can set with the red knob and is output on the right side. This envelope can for instance be used to drive the FM input of an OSCillator to get a 'glide' at the start of a note.