THE FAKE TAKE ADT is our tribute to the old “automatic double tracker” studio trick. The idea is that ADT creates the illusion of the same part, overdubbed several times which can work great with many instruments, especially guitar and vocals. There are various approaches for achieving this effect, but most use a short delay, a bit of stereo processing and possibly some modulation applied to the delay. We use all three for our ADT!

FAKE TAKE ADT is based on the ADT included with MINICAB DRIVER+ with some additional enhancements and controls.

FAKE TAKE ADT is a stereo in / out module. When either input is used on its own, it will be routed to both outputs. As ADT is primarily a stereo effect, we recommend using both outputs.

DELAY varies the base delay time. At the lowest setting, the ADT effect is quite subtle. At the maximum setting, FAKE TAKE ADT can be used as a simple slap-back echo effect.

SPREAD varies the width of the stereo image of the duplicated parts. As you increase the SPREAD control, the effect becomes more obvious and more dramatic! At the minimum setting SPREAD converts the duplicated parts to mono. Please note your dry signal will still be unaltered / in stereo.

DRIFT varies the amount of modulation applied to the duplicated parts so that they’re never at the same fixed delay time. This helps create the impression of overdubbed parts ever so slightly out of time with one another. At high settings, DRIFT can almost get into chorus type modulation territory.

TONE is a high frequency roll-off control and is especially useful with longer DELAY settings, helping the delayed signal sit behind your dry sound.

MIX adjusts the level of the duplicated parts and balance with your dry signal.

We hope you have fun double tracking with the FAKE TAKE ADT!