Feedback Oscillator

Manufacturer: R_Ware

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R_Ware - Feedback Oscillator

Complex Oscillator with Cross-Modulation

Dive into a world of endless possibilities as you harness the power of this dual complex oscillator with cross-modulation capabilities, delivering a kaleidoscope of tones that defy convention. Enter a realm of unprecedented creativity, where every twist of a knob yields new and unexpected auditory delights.

At the heart of the R_Ware Feedback Oscillator lies a sine wave oscillator infused with feedback phase modulation, enabling the creation of saw and square-esque timbres that are both vibrant and dynamic. But that's just the beginning! With a plethora of sound shaping options including windowed sync, phase modulation, linear through-zero FM, phase distortion, and more, you have total control over every aspect of your sound.



  • 1V/Oct CV
    • pitch cv input (Exponential FM)
  • FREQ Knob
    • Set the base tuning frequency
    • Default is C2 (65.4064 Hz)
  • OCT Knob
    • Set the octave
  • FINE Knob
    • Set the fine tuning +/- 700cents
  • RATIO Knob
    • Set the frequency ratio between OSC1 and OSC2
  • OFFSET Knob
    • Set the phase offset between OSC1 and OSC2


  • Voices Knob/CV
    • Set the number of unison voices continuously from 1 to 5
  • Detune Knob/CV
    • Set the unison voice detuning
    • Actual value depends on Unison Mode
  • Phase Knob/CV
    • Set the unison voice phase offset
  • Mode Switch
    • Set the unison mode:
      • OFF - no unison (use to save cpu)
      • EXP - detuning is exponential
      • LIN - detuning is linear
      • SPC - special exponential detuning
  • JITTER Knob
    • Random frequency variation strength
    • Also active when Unison Mode is OFF
    • Update frequency of jitter value


  • OS
    • Oversampling settings
    • Also affects timbre
    • In general the higher the OS factor the brighter the oscillator can be


Each section has one control that can be CROSS MODULATED. Osc1 (left) modulates Osc2 (right) when knob is set to the right half and vice versa for the left half. The CV input attenuates the Knob Value. It does not switch the modulation order. For negative CV the signal is inverted instead.


    • Exponential FM
    • Linear Through-Zero FM
  • XLFM (Cross Linear Through-Zero FM)
    • Cross Linear Through-Zero FM


  • FB WAV
    • Sets the waveshaper for the Feedback path for the FB PM
    • None > Squared > Bipolar Squared > Cubed > Rectified Cubed > Rectified > None > Triangle > Rectified Triangle > Rectified Triangle Bipolar Squared > Rectified Triangle Cubed
    • Sets the waveshaper for the output of the FB PM
    • None > Squared > Bipolar Squared > Cubed > Rectified Cubed > Rectified > None > Triangle > Rectified Triangle > Rectified Triangle Bipolar Squared > Rectified Triangle Cubed
  • XFBW
    • Cross FB WAV modulation
  • FBPM
    • Feedback phase modulation
    • Turns the Sine Oscillator into a Saw/Square-ish oscillator
  • FBPM X2 Toggle
    • Increase the FBPM Strength by factor 2
  • HARM
    • Modify the FBPM between Square-ish to Saw-ish
  • XFBP
    • Cross FBPM modulation
    • Filter frequency for the FBPM feedback path
    • Morph the feedback filter from HighPass (left) to LowPass (middle) to AllPass (right)
  • XFLT
    • Cross FBPM Filter Frequency modulation
  • RFR (Real Fake Resonance)
    • Set the strength of the fake resonance
    • A special algorithm to imprint resonance-esque behavior to the FBPM
    • Set the base tone of the Real Fake Resonance
  • XRFR
    • Cross RFR Strength modulation
  • FBAM
    • Feedback amplitude modulation
  • HARM
    • Modify the FBAM between regular and rectified
  • XFBA
    • Cross FBAM modulation


    • Phase modulation
  • PD S
    • Phase Distortion Squeeze/Stretch
  • XPM
    • Cross Phase Modulation
  • PD X
    • Phase Distortion X (Horizontal)
  • PD Y
    • Phase Distortion Y (Vertical)
  • XPDY
    • Cross Phase Distortion Y modulation
    • Windowed Sync multiplier
    • Hard-Sync trigger input
  • XSNX
    • Cross SYNCX modulation
  • WNDW
    • Windowed Sync window morph
    • Morph from saw-ish to sine-ish to triangle-ish window
    • Shape the window from thin to thick
  • XWND
    • Cross Window modulation


  • RM 1/2
    • Ring Modulation
  • XRM
    • Cross Ring Modulation
  • AMP
    • Built-in amplifier for the OUTPUT
    • Blend between OSC1 and OSC2
  • SYNC Button
    • Hard-Sync OSC1 and OSC2
  • OSC1/2 OUT
    • Outputs OSC1/2 individually
  • OUT
    • Outputs blend between OSC1/2