Fifth Dimension Phaser Factory


This module was created as an experimental testbed for tweaking the parameters of the Kleiner-Kiffer phaser.

It's an unusual design in that it allows you to specify odd numbers of allpass filter stages. Usually, allpass stages come in pairs, to create a notch per pair in the frequency response. The 2-stage and 4-stage selections give you one notch and two notches respectively. You can look upon the 3-stage and 5-stage selections as variations on the 2-stage and 4-stage, but they have a unique character all of their own.

Unlike most phasers (and some phaser modules in the VM Store), you have control over more esoteric aspects of the phasing process. Feedback can be positive or negative. You can invert the polarity of the phase shift network's output. You can also specify the mix of dry signal vs phase-shifted signal. This latter parameter proved crucial in getting the Kleiner-Kiffer to sound as close as possible to the original Small Stone.

There is an internal triangle-wave LFO. This can be overridden so that the centre frequency of the allpass stages can be swept by any external control voltage, such as envelope, sequencer, sample & hold, etc. There is also a manual knob for setting the central freq of the sweep.

Multiple Fifth Dimensions can be cascaded to give you greater numbers of allpass stages. Fancy hearing what an ARP Quadra 14-stage phaser sounds like? Just cascade two switched to 5-stages and one switched to 4-stages. Simple!

A Circuit Selector switch allows you to select different circuit topologies. "Circuit 1" is the default "Fifth Dimension Classic Mode", where feedback is applied only to the phase-shifted signal, before being mixed with the dry signal. "Circuit 2" is a more traditional phaser circuit, where feedback is applied to a 50:50 mix of the dry and phase-shifted signals. The "Mix" knob is disabled when switched to the "Circuit 2" position.


Dec 14, 22

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