Filtrate Filter Array

Type: Module

Category: Filters

Updated: Sep 05, 2021

Manufacturer: Playertron

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$9.99 $16.00

A bank of eight coordinated filters, Filtrate synchronizes, motorizes, and randomizes your filter sweeps while also supporting inter-channel individuality and variation, and they sure do sound smooth. Batch controls make quick work of settings while still allowing individual settings, a randomness dial distributes frequencies and resonances for variation under batch control, and there are CV controls just about everywhere. Each channel can be switched between high- and lowpass filters, and between two pole and four pole slopes. A unique smooth control acts as a portamento for gliding cutoff and resonance changes.

Thru mode offers bypass or an allpass filter which can be activated (little blue button at the top) to shift the frequency spectrum in time while technically outputting a flat response. Use the CV inputs with LFOs to create your own phasers with levels of complexity that far exceed available units and might even be convincing to a phaser-hater. Alternatively, it disperses transient energy imperceptibly where compressors can't keep up and can be used for stereo widening.

Use Filtrate for coordinating the way multitudes of sources are filtered, try it with the Super- & Duper88 oscillators for individualized filtering, or experiment with complex circuits of series and parallel paths through an array of eight filters.


Sep 7, 21

musical filter and much more

eight channels of LP/AP/HP resonant filters with either 12dB or 24dB slope. wait.. AP? yes! allpass filtering is all awesome! apart from the obvious filtering duties, this thing turns into a phase smearing, frequency twisting, phase shifting array! the possibilities are only limited by your imagination. modulate cutoff and resonance in AP mode to get some wild swirling sounds! put a simple signal through a chain of individually set allpasses for some complex sounds! add subtle or not so sublte movement to a static sound! allpass filters are amazing and this modules gives you 8 at once.
even when set to LP or HP mode, there are clever details that make this filter unique in a musical way. give it a try and module cutoff and resonance at different settings to see for yourself. i love this filter. highly recommended!