The Flanger module is also part of the Modulation Bundle. Get 4 must-have modulation effects and save over 37%.

This classic studio effect is able to produce a wide variety of sounds from soft stereo-widening to weird modulation effects. Every parameter can be modulated to create moving sonic textures.

Delay: Initial delay time in ms

Rate: Rate at which the delay time gets modulated in Hz

Depth: The amount of delay time that gets modulated in %

Feedback: The amount of signal that gets fed back into the delay line's input in %

Spread: The amount the right channel's delay line gets phase shifted compared to the left channel's delay line in %

Mix: The amount the delayed signal gets mixed in with the input signal in % (0% = 100% dry, 100% = 100% wet)

If you have any module specific questions, please visit the Monkey Business Audio forum. For questions about Voltage Modular in general, please visit the Cherry Audio forum. If you don't want to ask your question in the forum you can send me a pm or an email.

Title of Song

  • flanger-demo