Four Horsemen of FM-lypse

Manufacturer: Nrgzr78

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  • Four Horsemen of FM-lypse is a dual voltage controlled oscillator with 4 Operator FM based on Akemie’s Castle.
  • Four Horsemen of FM-lypse is sold individually and as part of SYNTHS BUNDLE.
  • Each of the 4 operators feature independent 8 waveforms selection, frequency multiplier and level control via both direct panel operation and voltage control.
  • Operators can be combined in various ways across both oscillators, which together with independent feedback control on each VCO, offer an extremely wide palette of sounds.
  • Oscillator A also features a chord mode providing a range of up to 5 voice chords and voltage controlled inversion.
  • Frequency Modulation (FM) synthesis is an audio synthesis technique where waveforms modulate each other at audio frequencies to produce a wide array of both harmonic and in harmonic sounds.
  • These modulation waveforms are referred to as ‘operators’.
  • The combination and routing of a number of operators to produce a sound is referred to as an ‘algorithm'.
  • There are 6 operator algorithm settings : Each algorithm is represented by a small diagram showing the combination of Operators used and the VCO output routing.
  • With the first two operator algorithms you essentially have 2 completely separate VCO's each with there own 2 operators. With the remaining 4 you essentially have a 4 operator duo-phonic VCO - the same algorithms and tonal config but a separate pitch input, feedback (normalised to VCO A) and audio output. In all modes VCO A has the ability to produce up to 5 voice chords. The first two algorithms are simple 2 operator combinations for each VCO providing each with either a parallel or serial type combination. In Serial the two operators frequency modulate each other (operator 1 modulates 2), in parallel the two operators are simply mixed together. In the first algorithm VCO A is an FM combination of operators 1 and 2 whilst VCO B is a mix of operators 3 and 4. In the second this setup is reversed. The next 4 are more complex algorithms using all four operators and various combinations of both serial and parallel connections.
  • All inputs expect 0-5v and V/Oct inputs which expect 0-10v and many of them have a separate attenuator or attenuverter.
  • Osc B ‘Fb’ input is normalised to the main Osc A ‘Feedback’ control - i.e with nothing externally patched into Osc B ‘FB’ input the main Osc A Feedback level will be used.

Title of Song

  • Nrgzr78_Four Horsemen of FM-lypse_Demo_1_.wav
  • Nrgzr78_Four Horsemen of FM-lypse_Demo_2_.wav