Full Thickness Tear


Some classic effects, with just a few controls, produce audio gold seemingly regardless of how you turn the knobs and switch the switches. This, however, is not one of those. Full Thickness Tear has more than a few controls. It may take a minute to dial in. But with that you get (up to) four flangers that can each do additive or subtractive flanging, through-zero if desired, with positive or negative feedback. Each flanger has its own LFO and phase offset, so it can run in sync, in sync with an offset, or totally independent of the other flangers. Don't fancy the internal LFOs? Then use external LFOs of your own design. If you'd like to modulate even more there is CV controlled modulation of the modulation so you modulate while you modulate. Make a simple flanger or a wacky-all-over-the-place-this-is-probably-way-too-much-oh-my-ears-hurt flanger. It's up to you.

Sound demos (only effect used was 1 instance of Full Thickness Tear)

  • [heavy] original / 3 different flangers / 1 subtractive through-zero flanger and 1 with negative feedback
  • [mellow] original / flanger into chorusy flanger (serial mode) / 3 fast flangers and 1 with high feedback
  • [weird] 1 flanger with maxed rate and some predelay with feedback / 808 claves into 2 flangers with modulated rate, manual, and pan / fun with predelay / more delay play

Title of Song

  • heavy.mp3
  • mellow.mp3
  • weird.mp3