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FUZZBOMB+ takes its inspiration from the gnarly and bombastic fuzzboxes that literally exploded onto the guitar effects scene in the 1960’s. Typically very simple circuits based around diodes or transistors, they produced a high gain saturated tone that quickly turned pretty much anything in their path into a turbo-charged fuzzy version of itself!

While most recognisable at extreme settings, many fuzzes could also generate quite acceptable “tubey” overdrive tones with the gain backed off. We’ve tried to cover similar territory in the design of FUZZBOMB+, although we’re not really talking “subtle guitar amp breakup” here!

What’s with the plus?

FUZZBOMB+ came about after a suggestion that we add a guitar speaker cab emulation switch to the FUZZBOMB as we’d recently done with the CLIPDRIVER overdrive. But… we got a bit carried away in a nostalgic purple haze, recalling an era of guitar tones achieved with little more than a fuzz, a wah-wah pedal and 4x12 amp stack! Compared to the standard FUZZBOMB, and in response to requests for it, there’s quite a bit more fuzz on tap. We’ve also squeezed in noise reduction, a parametric EQ preamp that can be used as a virtual auto-wah, speaker cab emulation, and a double-tracking effect for an all-in-one recording or giging module for classic fuzzy guitar tones!

FUZZBOMB+ has two totally independent channels for processing stereo or dual mono inputs. When either input is used, it will be routed to both outputs.

ON button toggles FUZZBOMB+ between active and bypass mode.

The ADT section switches between three modes of automatic double tracking effect borrowed from our FAKE TAKE module. Moving from A, to B, to C the effect becomes more pronounced. With no buttons lit, no ADT effect is applied.

The CAB section enables speaker emulation based on the 4x12 vintage cab in our MINICAB DRIVER+ module. The ABC switches select between a small, medium and large room effect for added ambience, be it an intimate studio or large stage experience. With no buttons lit, no speaker cab and room emulation is applied.

BUZZ KILL is useful if you experience mains hum noise, typically when using single coil guitar pickups. Set it to the left for 50Hz and to the right for 60Hz depending on where you are in the World. US for example, would be 60Hz. The centre position is off / no BUZZ KILL filter.

TRIM allows you to trim the input level signal +/- 6dB. This can be handy for guitars that have low output single coils or super hot humbucker pickups.

GATE enables a “set it / forget it” noise gate which is useful for high FUZZ settings or when the background noise level becomes noticeable. The LED next to the button will indicate when the gate is open (blue) and closed (red).

FUZZ varies the overall drive into the clipping “circuit”, and ultimately how fuzzy the resulting sound will be. Depending on the strength of the input signal, FUZZ will take you from crispy crunch to all-out square wave splatter!

SKEW allows you to introduce a variable amount of asymmetrical clipping which was a common artefact produced by many of the original fuzz circuits. It’s a sonic effect that’s easier to hear than explain to be honest. At the lowest setting, clipping is symmetrical.

The INPUT FILTER button engages an input filter that emulates the circuitry of a very popular fuzz pedal, rolling off some lows and highs, then boosting the signal to compensate. It is particularly useful with high FUZZ and SKEW settings on guitar.

LEVEL is an attenuation control allowing you to reduce the final output level if needed. This control does not change the fuzz effect, and at maximum setting, there is no attenuation.

BASS and TREBLE are active cut and boost controls for low and high frequencies. At their centre position, no cut or boost is applied. These controls can have quite a dramatic effect on the type of tones FUZZBOMB+ produces, so we urge you to experiment!

The MID SCOOP button when engaged, applies a slight midrange attenuation around 1KHz. This subtle EQ change is actually quite a significant factor in the tonal character of a certain famous BIG fuzz.

The VARITONE section controls a parametric EQ with active boost or cut and can be used in a variety of ways. The button brings VARITONE processing in and out smoothly so can be used as a switchable boost for solos for example. The EQ frequency can also be controlled with external sources or an internal envelope follower.

FREQ varies the VARITONE frequency between 250Hz and 2.5KHz. This is a slightly extended range of that typically found in guitar wah-wah pedals so if you have a MIDI expression controller, try mapping the FREQ control to it!

Q controls the bandwidth of the VARITONE effect for a very precise or broader effect. The range is 0.1 to 2.5 octaves. Around the midpoint is a good starting point for a mid-boost or wah type effect.

GAIN varies the cut or boost of the VARITONE effect between -24dB and +24dB. As with the BASS and TREBLE tonestack, VARITONE processing is applied before the fuzz so increasing the VARITONE GAIN will also result in more fuzz centred around the boosted frequency.

The S&H / ENV switches the VARITONE frequency modulation mode between an internal sample and hold LFO (left) or envelope follower (right). The OFF / EXT centre / default position switches VARITONE frequency modulation off, unless there is an external source connected to the FREQ input jack.

When in S&H mode the frequency is modulated either side of the FREQ value by an LFO that is sampled according to the RATE control in the range of 1-20Hz. Unlike some noise-based sample and hold generators, our algorithm is less random, and we think more rhythmic and musical in nature and was based on a legendary and rare VCF effects pedal. The LEDs above the FREQ control will light to show positive (right) and negative (left) input values.

To reset the S&H cycle, click on the R reset button next to the RATE control.

When in EXT mode with the switch in the centre position, connect a source to the FREQ jack next to the inputs / outputs section. The frequency will be modulated by the incoming signal either side of the frequency set by the FREQ control. The LEDs above the FREQ control will light to show positive (right) and negative (left) input values.

When in ENV mode, the frequency modulation will follow the amplitude envelope of the incoming signal. Note in ENV mode, modulation will only occur in a positive direction, i.e. the VARITONE frequency will increase, not decrease in value, and only the right / positive LED will light up. For guitarists, this is equivalent to increasing the wah pedal toe-down position as you pick harder.

The SENS knob adjusts the sensitivity of the VARITONE frequency modulation when in ENV mode. Use the LEDs as a visual cue to set the SENS level depending on the strength of your input signal.

Please note that FUZZBOMB+ has been designed so its output should not exceed +/-5.0V so you can push it as hard as you like! If you’re using instruments such as guitar, keep in mind FUZZBOMB+ is a high gain effect and will also amplify any background noise. You may find that simply reducing the TREBLE control will help reduce hiss or similar noise. Alternatively, the VARITONE controls can be used to attenuate specific frequencies.

We hope FUZZBOMB+ gives you EXTRA warm and wah-wah fuzzy feelings!

The demos feature FUZZBOMB+ with AULDELAY used with an "SG" style guitar. Backing tracks provided by "Now You Shred".

Title of Song

  • Sample-n-Hold-Boogie
  • Frankly-Fuzzy-Wah