Gammaphone Semimodular Polysynth

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A full semimodular polyphonic synthesizer with its own uniquely beautiful voice, the Gammaphone is both a complete synthesizer and also completely open to modular rewiring, modulation, and manipulation. Interesting oscillators, unique filters, thoughtful signal flow, and nifty controls make this synthesizer glow with radiant sound.

Just connect poly pitch & poly gate jacks, then send the stereo outputs to the main outputs, and you're already up and running. Yet, each section has outputs and inputs which can be wired up to disrupt the internal signal flow, offering options to reroute the signal path and insert additional effects. Or, they allow you to use any given aspect of the synthesizer apart from the whole.

With signal flow following a parabola, from the top-left then along the bottom and sweeping to the upper right, you can make use of dual oscillators that have custom waveforms, mix two noise sources into the sound, create phase-based effects (chorus, comb filtering, etc.) with the short-delay section, squeeze through a wavefolder, shape timbers with dual multimode filters (including allpass), articulate via the AHDSR section, and then add shimmer with a delay section.

Modulation sources and destinations are everywhere. LFOs, drift, envelopes, randomness, pulses, ahdsr sums, and macro-oriented DC are available to sway the sound, and basically every facet of the synth can be modulated by these (or external sources too). There are no internal modulation routings (except the envelope-amp connection), so there are no secret relationships under the hood, and all modulation is visually accessible as point to point wirings. Immediacy and musically are at the fore.

Semimodularity and polyphony rarely get together, but the Gammaphone bring these to life, fusing them into a source of exciting sounds.

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