Gate ID Logic Executor

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Make decisions based on control voltages, modulating other devices with logic. This module can recreate all standard 2-input logic gates, but also goes further with 8 inputs voting on an overall output signal.

Generally, logic modules make things happen based on other things happening. Two inputs are compared to a threshold, the logic type determines whether they should be both over/both under/half & half/etc, and then an output delivers a high (5V) or low (0V) voltage if the conditions are met or not met respectively. Using only two inputs has practical value in electronics and computing, but the Gate ID Logic Executor is designed for the needs of modular synthesis, allowing output signals to depend on up to 8 distinct inputs.

Use the central knob sets a threshold voltage, above which will be considered HIGH and below which will be considered LOW. Input signals are assessed constantly with time. Each jack has a button (on=HIGH, off = LOW), and the module counts signal/button matches. Press buttons to reflect the set of HIGH/LOW states you wish to match. The large switch sets how many matches are required by the device (more than one, exactly half, more than half, or all). A disconnected jack has a 0V signal, so flipping the button off is a match for that. The output is 5V if the requirement is met (or 0V if not), with onboard atten & bias options for a range of on/off voltages. Use a slew/glide module on the output for smooth transitions.

You essentially monitor signals and have them vote on turning something else on or off, up or down. At the output, a NOT button makes the device work the opposite way. This can go beyond typical logic gates, but you’ll also find a set of preset buttons for reproducing those trusty standards on the two primary inputs.