Type: Module

Category: Oscillators

Updated: Sep 14, 2021

Manufacturer: Nrgzr78

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  • GM-MODULATION is an analog oscillator that operates in the low-frequency range inspired by Moog's Grandmother semi-modular synth.
  • GM-MODULATION is sold as part of Grand Moments Bundle and also included in the omni-comprehensive ALL-4-ONE BUNDLE.
  1. Four selectable waveforms (Sine, Sawtooth, Ramp and Pulse) and Pulse Width modulation.
  2. Offset may affect lfo signal but can be also detached from it by DETACH toggle button and use it as separate DC source.
  3. Bipolar AMT control knob for lfo output level.
  4. Sample & Hold output affected by Rate control knob setting.

Title of Song

  • Nrgzr78_GM-MODULATION_Demo_1_.wav